Too many Questions

The mind inflection, the bending of it’s will, finding of it’s ways, learning when it strays.
Have to say it’s been strange, the world works when it’s not paid attention to, things happen that cannot be explained.
When I look really hard, nothing happens. How is this?
The truth can be seen from the peripheral view it seems.
Who’s going to see it now?
Couldn’t say.
How to make the mind work this way, it’s not in the manual.
Who has a clue? The Clergy? The shrinks? The self-help gurus? Good God, what if it’s L. Ron Hubbard? No- those people are just too loopy for their “audits” to actually work.
All those airline pilot uniforms are going to thier heads.
This run on the most complex issues is going to end with more questions than answers.
If the secrets of the universe are revealed I’ll be sure and blog it. It’s the new soap box, the new pulpit.


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